Lie down, let go, relax - here you are in good hands!

Relaxing massage

Slow and soft massage movements stimulate the lymphatic flow and dissolves blockages in your body. The essential oils with St. John's wort, chamomile and orange have a relaxing and harmonizing effect on body and soul.

25 Minutes, € 39
50 Minutes, € 59
Vital massage

An intensive massage to loosen the musculature. The active substances arnica, rosemary and citronella release tensions and revitalize muscles and joints. At the same time the blood circulation is stimulated.

25 Minutes, € 42
50 Minutes, € 63
Head-neck-face massage

The mix of head, neck and face massage lets you relax, while propolis, yarrow and vanilla provide first-class skin care.

25 Minutes, € 39
Energetic foot massage

The feet are the reflection of the human body. The massage activates the self-healing powers of the body and harmonizes the entire organism.

50 Minutes, € 63
Leg and foot massage

Go through the day with pleasantly light feet. Tensions are gently relieved and heavy legs are cooled and revitalized with the arnica, menthol and camphor gel.

45 Minutes, € 62
Combi massage

The perfect combination of a back massage and the stimulation of the foot reflex zones returns your body the sense of wholeness. You feel relaxed and at the same time pleasantly activated.

50 Minutes, € 65
Herbal stamp massage

The pleasant warmth of the herbal stamp stimulates the energy channels and ensures deep relaxation. By gentle pressure, the herbal stamps are passed over your body to relieve stress, while natural oils care for your skin intensively.

50 Minutes, € 72
Pine massage

Pine sticks of different length, shape and size are preheated for the treatment. The pleasant warmth of the wood and the pine-arnica massage milk penetrate deep into the muscles, improve blood circulation, promote the flow of energy and lead to a deep relaxation of tensions and blockages. This massage technique activates the self-healing powers.

50 Minutes, € 72
Hot Stone Massage

Forget the daily life and give your body new strength. This pleasant massage with hot basalt stones and valuable essential oils brings your energies in balance.

80 Minutes, € 92
Mountain crystal massage

Feel the power of the Alps and immerse yourself in a special kind of experience. The combination of warm oils and cold mountain crystals stimulates your circulation and brings the lymph into flow. From the crystals you draw new energy and experience a deep sense of relaxation.

80 Minutes, € 92
Salt stone massage

The massage with heated salt stones, made of natural alpine salt, provides a special feeling of well-being. The high-quality salt stones promote the purification of the body through the skin and stimulate the metabolism. At the same time, pure crystal salt and bee honey provide a gentle peeling effect.

50 Minutes, € 75
80 Minutes, € 95
Cupping therapy with honey

An intensive cupping massage technique produces powerful stimuli for the tissue and skin. Your body is freed from toxins, adhesions in the tissue and blockages are loosened. Application only on the back and/or on the cellulite zones.

45 Minutes, € 69

The zeolite rock, which is especially suitable for purification and detoxification, forms the basis of this detox treatment. The combination of high-quality active substances such as detoxifying grapefruit, kidney-stimulating yarrow and cell-dilating pepper, skillful massages and draining pads for feet and liver activate an intensive metabolic process in the body. A short back massage with honey oil completes the treatment.

60 Minutes, € 89
Intensive back massage

The intensive back massage is a special massage technique. It begins with long strokes and combines elements of the forearm technique with those of a cupping massage.

45 Minutes, € 72


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