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This shapes us – today and in the future

Like so many things, our story began with a great opportunity. Monika and Albert took over the Seehotel in 1982. They quickly realized that, like every step into the unknown, this one was also uncertain and difficult. So in the following years they began to breathe new life into the house. They did so with dedication, diligence and joy. Cordiality was laid in both their cradles and so, together with their daughters Renate and Anna, a real family business arose.


Ihre Gastgeber im Seehotel Rescchen
Ihre Gastgeber im Seehotel Rescchen
Ihre Gastgeber im Seehotel Rescchen
Ihre Gastgeber im Seehotel Reschen

Renate calls it "a perfect symbiosis" when Thomas, who himself grew up in his parents' inn, joined the family business in 2016. "When you know, you know!" This is true in love and also in dealing with guests and friends. We want to create a very special retreat, to show the unique beauty of South Tyrol - that is our guiding principle, our compass. Following this, today's modern Seehotel Panorama Relax on Lake Resia was created after several renovations.



Renate and Thomas now run this wonderful house together - in the second generation. Renate's younger sister Anna leads the service team with great passion. Father Albert, who together with mother Monika laid the roots for the family business, continues to be a great support with his knowledge. And Monika helps out wherever she is needed and lovingly takes care of the third generation, Renate and Thomas' sons Jakob and Paul.

Dive into nature
As an entire village sank in the floods

A history that connects

Senior manager Albert recounts: "I was 9 years old when the majority of our village of Resia and the entire village of Curon were sacrificed to the waters of the reservoir in 1950. Our home sank into the floods in favor of energy production. All that was left behind was the church tower, which still rises out of the lake today. For many, this is simply a fairy-tale postcard motif, but for us it is connected with a sad story, because 150 families had to leave their homes and build a new existence together. A dramatic experience that changed the entire region and its people."


The origin: Once the Seehotel stood at the end of the valley in the village of Resia, directly on the lakeshore. It sank with it during the lake damming in 1950. The entire village of Resia was rebuilt further north, and there the Seehotel - in a privileged panoramic position - was also rebuilt in its current location.


The beginning: The senior managers Albert and Monika Folie took over the Seehotel at the beginning of the 80s. With little experience, but with all the more cordiality, joy and enthusiasm! Thanks to the honest and heartfelt hospitality, guests quickly become friends.


The modernizations: In various construction phases the roof and the exterior facades were renewed, as well as the rooms. They were all adapted to the time back then.


The decisive years: The daughters Renate and Anna embark on the adventure of the lakeside hotel. And as it happens, the first innovations blew in with the fresh wind. The entrance, restaurant, bar and kitchen areas were renovated, the first extension and two new suites were built.


The family and the house grow: Thomas, Renate's husband, now also works in the business. In the course of a major renovation, 14 new suites, a new wellness area and the current appearance with new exterior facades and the flat roof were created. The three-star Seehotel becomes the four-star Seehotel Panorama Relax.

from 2019

The new concept is taking hold: Further qualitative improvements and renovations followed. Thus, the panoramic pool, the SPA area, the reception, the buffet area, the corridors and the staircase, as well as the popular family rooms and double rooms undergo a restyling. The design: modern, bold, innovative.


The innovation continues: Our enthusiasm remains unbroken. Our heads are filled with new ideas. We promise, you can look forward to new exciting things!