Only a few steps to happiness

A front row seat

Lake Resia is the center of the region. In winter, snow kiters and ice surfers cavort here. In summer, kite surfers and sailboats make their way around the lake, which magically glistens in the sunlight. And when evening comes, the fabulous mountain world is reflected on its still surface. A natural spectacle with a soothing effect. One that you can always enjoy in view. From your own personal box seat. From the balcony of your suite, from the restaurant with its sun terrace and even from the wellness area. Because our Seehotel Panorama Relax is situated right at the edge of the lake. Only a meadow and the lake promenade separate our house from the lakeshore.

Hotel mit Seeblick in Südtirol | Seehotel Reschen
Hotel in Südtirol direkt am See | Seehotel Reschen
Hotel in Südtirol am See - Reschensee | Seehotel Reschen
Seehotel Reschen
Borderless beauty

The three-country triangle between culture and nature

Just lie back on the summit of Piz Lad, the three-country mountain, and count the clouds. Almost a bit magical: three countries are directly below you, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. And the view into the valleys is overwhelming. You can hike to this enchanted place from Resia in just three hours. In general, the border triangle has a lot to offer. Natural monuments. Cultural monuments. An impressive history and an inspiring present.

Sights at Lake Resia