A new look after the reopening for Seehotel in South Tyrol

A harmonious change –
from summer 2024

Starting from the opening of the summer season in June, prepare to be thrilled by the exciting updates at Seehotel, aimed at making it your absolute place to be in South Tyrol. After intense planning, work will begin on April 8, transforming the entire ground floor and garden, complete with an infinity whirlpool. Prepare to see a fresh entrance, a revamped check-in lounge boasting modern aesthetics and a welcoming lobby, alongside a new bar. But the transformations don't stop there: the restaurant is set for a makeover, featuring an expansive buffet area and wine showcase. In addition, a section of the dining space will extend towards the lake, enveloped by panoramic windows—a true marvel that will undoubtedly leave you in awe!

Regarding wellness, we have an additional feature for you: the infinity whirlpool in the solarium garden, with a spectacular view of Lake Resia, will satisfy a desire expressed by our guests.

We can't wait to realize this ambitious project and allow you even more moments of well-being on holiday!

New spaces for pleasure

Modern design and even more charm

Our renovated bar with welcoming lounge is the ideal environment to read a good book, plan your next adventures or spend carefree hours in good company. Sit back on the comfortable seats and relax: we will take care of you.

Amid elegance and refined flavours

The outlook is excellent

The dining room now boasts a fresh, revitalized ambiance, captivating guests with its unique atmosphere, blending subtle comfort with refined elegance. Large windows seamlessly merge the interior with the exterior, offering stunning views. A fully stocked open cellar and an enhanced buffet section complement the setting. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff go above and beyond to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Some bubbly news

An experience of boundless well-being

Experience the gentle caress of bubbles as you surrender to weightless tranquillity in our brand-new outdoor infinity whirlpool, offering breathtaking views of Lake Resia. Let your mind wander freely, as daily pressures melt away, and find peace in unparalleled relaxation. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in this serene oasis—come and indulge in the ultimate rejuvenating experience yourself!

The magic of new beginnings