Hiking at Lake Resia

Where the Edelweiss blooms

Lush green as far as the eye can see. Mossy alpine pastures and blooming meadows, always guarded by the majestic mountains. On 200 kilometers of well-marked hiking trails you have the opportunity to explore the border triangle from the valley floor to the summit region. Many trails start directly at our Seehotel or lead directly past it.



Unique experiences are inevitable. Whether on the Edelweiss meadows at the Endkopf near Graun, in the rustic huts, on the sunny high alpine pastures or when conquering the 3,905 m high Ortles - accompanied by professional mountain guides, of course - the fascination will increase with every step you take.



Helpful for your discovery tours are the three mountain cable cars of the hiking areas around the Lake Resia Schöneben, Haider Alm and Nauders, with which you can comfortably float up until above the treeline. Ideal to preserve your strength if you want to go high up, or simply enjoy the panorama in peace.

Views that become enduring memories

km2 is the surface of the Lake Resia


km of well marked hiking trails are available


m high is the Ortles and therefore the highest elevation in South Tyrol


cable cars lead to hiking pleasure


3.000 m peaks are in the vacation region Passo Resia


countries - South Tyrol (I), North Tyrol (A), Grisons (CH) - can be seen from Piz Lad


m above sea level lies the Rojen and is therefore the highest hamlet in South Tyrol that is inhabited all year round.


kilometers long, the Adige is the second longest river in Italy


defensive fortifications comprise the "Alpine Wall" along the northern border - guided tours are offered in the Adige spring bunker