Excursion destinations around the Lake Resia

A rich cultural heritage meets a lively spirit of innovation

The Upper Val Venosta is a border region with an eventful history, shaped by the traveling salesmen, monks and artists who passed through it, rich in people who have put their creative energy into the service of architecture and art. The interested traveler will encounter winding alleys as well as ultra-modern architecture. Cattle breeding and the cultivation of apricots, pears and apples have their place in the life of the people. Interesting excursion destinations in the immediate vicinity of Lake Resia include the Museum Alt-Graun, the Marienberg Monastery, the Romanesque St. Nicholas Church in the hamlet of Rojen or the Plamort tank dam near the source of the Adige River and, of course, the widely known sunken tower in Lake Resia, which tells of the demise of the villages of Curon and Resia.

A visit to silent witnesses of days long past